At Global Music Supply, you have the advantage of direct communication with seasoned technicians, musicians, and educators who can speak knowledgeably from their own experience. For us, job satisfaction is meeting our customers' needs through the highest standards of workmanship and personal attention.


Product Development


Because our company is owned and operated by musicians, we are able to discern and select the highest quality instruments at every price level. We have a unique inventory of new and used woodwind, brass, string, and ethnic instruments, all of which are carefully inspected and adjusted before they are sold.


Student Instruments


Global Music Supply sells student instruments crafted to our specifications by our manufacturers. With owners visiting the makers regularly, the quality of instruments is monitored and improved to provide you the very best at the price you want.


Professional Instruments


Our professional instruments include a selection of instruments from top contemporary makers as well as fine vintage instruments from around the world.  Global Music Supply is also the U.S. distributor for Benten Clarinets and Empress Saxophones.