a glenn performing.jpg cropped Glenn Miyashiro

Glenn started playing trumpet professionally at the age of 19.  He has performed with various dance and show groups, and currently performs with Hawaii's premiere show group, Society of Seven.

"I've owned many different professional horns; Benge, Bach Strads, Leblanc, Olds, Deg, Laser, King Silver Flare, and Schilke.  The first time I tried the GMS trumpet, it blew me away.  The tone, slotting, intonation, and valves felt right.  Most importantly, it played well!  The first night I played it in the show, I didn't tell anyone that I bought a new horn.  Right after the show, the guys in the group all came up to me and asked if I got a new horn.  They could all tell, and they liked how it sounded.  It's been over three years now, and I've never had any problems with my GMS horn."

"I highly recommend that if you are going to invest in a new trumpet, try a GMS trumpet (especially the new Global Brass instruments) against any horn."